WARNING:  New Users Only (The First Time User)

Well, now that it's legal, it's now time to learn something about Cannabis.


If you have never used it, DO NOT try to smoke like your friends, because the main ingredient is a psychoactive compound, and you might not like that feeling of self-consciousness and paranoia which pretty could be your experience, or you could go the other way completely, if you take caution, and enjoy yourself, laughing, eating, and eventually falling asleep, which is the experience you want to have.

USE EXTREME CAUTION: if Cannabis is offered to you as brownies or candy, because after it is metabolized by the body, the dose you ate can be 5 times more powerful than smoking a cigarette joint. 



BE WARNED:  The market is not setup for the new user, it is setup for O G KUSHMEN, so if you have no tolerance to this compound, you can become overwhelmed, but if that happens, eat something, a # 7 at Jack n Box or something, and if that don't work, go to hospital, but be warned that is a very expensive trip, even if you manage to drive yourself, which would be a bad idea, because you would then be eligible for a DUI. 

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Cannabis for the first time user

Note for Law Enforcement: Cannabis is not equal to or like Alcohol, after arresting a first time user, the police dept should have a micro John George facility on site at the police station or at best the medicine they give patients to help you come down.