The Autochthonous  

We Specialize in our Own Future 


47.4 Million Native Black People with 1 Dollar

Native Black Economic Fund

All 47.4 Million of us have to accept and embrace the Facts before our eyes, we have to pull the money out of our own pockets if we want to change our condition..

We have to pool our Money together in a Collective Fund Account, hence                                Native Black Economic Fund..

Let's look at the numbers that support the advancement for all 47.4 Million of us, but 47.4 Million have to be involve with the Project in order for us all to see the effect that we can finance with $1.00 to $12.00 Dollars..

47.4 Million of us with 1 dollar equals 47.4 Million Dollars, and if we each put 1 dollar in NBEF for 12 Months the total at the end of the year would be $568.8 Million Dollars, we could Fund 5, $100 Million Dollar projects, or we could fund 10, $50 Million Dollar Projects, or we could Fund 20, 25 Million Dollar Projects all with 1 Dollar, and if we put $12.00 each in the Fund and did that for 12 Months we could Fund our Projects forever, at the level of 20, $25 Million Dollar Projects per month, we could do 240, $25 Million Dollar Projects per year and at that rate we should turn our situation around  practically over night.

We all gonna know this information, and understand that collectively we have a chance...

It's only 52 states, but we can do 240 Projects, this means we can go across America 4.5 times helping our own people advance.

If we Train our selves to raise Funds, then we might find ourselves in the drivers seat on certain projects, example: let's say we ask for $13.50 each which totals $639.9 Million and we use that to buy our way into a Native Black Owned Bank and help them expand their business into the areas we live in, as well as becoming a share holder in that Bank, the goal is to start with NBEF, then create NBI Native Black Investments, and our goal there would be to build a Trillion Dollar Portfolio cementing in stone Wealth for 47.4 Million Native Black People.  (see Chart)


Small Business

The Cannabis market is open and there is also a low cost grade of cannabis you can buy and sale by providing a private delivery service for a select number of people, 15 to 30 customers or more that you can service alone and develop an income of your choice, maybe you want a $120,000.00 as an annual income.

Cannabis Growers: Learn to create a chain of businesses that work in concert with each other, Edibles, Drinks, and low doses of cannabis for first time users.

First time users is a new market that offers a new opportunity, but you must know your product, in no way would a first time user wants to try a dose that's 24% THC, that's a high dose of cannabis, only low doses for the first time, and they should giggle and get the munchies then fall asleep.


Autochthonous (adj.) "native, aboriginal, indigenous," 1805, from autochthon + -ous. The opposite is allochthonous.