Native Black Investments 

The Native Black Economic Fund  (Chart)  NBI / NBEF


This shows all Native Black People why they should put together $1.00 each and place it into the Native Black Economic Fund .

What do you think after reviewing this info, is your mind taking note to what this info could do for you applied as an individual, or do you see the potential hyper growth of 47.4 Million Native Black Americans with this chart, lets go with you see the potential for economic growth for 47.4 Million People, then we'll need administrators across the United States working on the same page for the NBA Nation.

We have an economic need that dictates we should setup immediately, but it's moving slowly because the NBA Nation is not in sync as 1 collective body, and that's the only way we will solve our Economic Problem here in America.

Are we intellectually ready, or prepared for this position of leadership, because it should have been realized years and years ago, but nothing nowhere near this idea, even with all the Black intellects in existence right now, WHY?

They have millions of ideas and none demonstrate an example of growth for 47.4 Million NBA's, so they should stop the hustle and see the big ass picture, we been engineered in our thinking and we don't practice what we need to all be successful, and to understand it was all created for us to live in, and experience, which should have retarded even our inner visions, let alone our minds, for the next 700 years, and no one is trying to blast through that mental bullshit and confusion, well, that's why we in the shit we in today, and still moving slowly or not concerned at all, and just talking, it all amounts to nothing more than just talking, because we have not built shit as a collective, and $12.00 ain't shit, but we need to see and practice what we can do with it, for our NBA Nation, because right now we can't do shit for Nation as a self center individual looking or hunting for prey. (game) 

Did you know that if we had a working economic fund that we pushed to a 100 Trillion Dollars all 47.4 Million NBA people would become Millionaires,

Killmonger Level: 7 Billion Native Dark Skin People  

You will learn more about this Fund as we move forward in our own Agenda.

Invest in your future Today because a Dollar is a terrible thing to waste.

Re-thinking our donation link because they turned our dollar into .62 cents and this is based on 1 dollar!

The Main job of an Administrator is to correct all obstacles and 14 Million is too big to ignore,  so we need our own Pay gates so that our dollar remains a dollar vs a .38 cent charge on every dollar

This is step one, and any Funds Raised will be used to setup the 501c3, the we'll plug our Fund Account into      OneUnited Bank.     EIN Assigned: 83-1240659 Legal Name: NATIVE BLACK ECONOMIC FUND